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Monopotassium Phosphate (MKP)

MKP is a fertilizer of high purity and solubility with high concentration of nutrients, Phosphorus and Potassium and without the presence of Nitrogen. Among the soluble salts, it is the product with the lowest levels of Electrical Conductivity and Saline Index. Free of Ammonium, Chlorine and Sodium, can be applied in the Hydroponics, Fertigation and Foliar spray systems (*).

MAP purificado.png

Monoammonium Phosphate Purified (MPA)

MPA is a fertilizer with high purity and solubility that contains Soluble Phosphorus in high concentrations and Ammoniacal Nitrogen. Free of Chlorine and Sodium, it can be used in Hydroponics, Fertigation and Foliar Spray systems. It has pH reducer effect with high buffering power, being suitable for alkaline water treatment (**).


Calcium Nitrate (NCA)

NCA is a fully water-soluble fertilizer that provides Nitrogen and Calcium with rapid availability and absorption by plants. It can be used in the most diverse crops in Fertigation, Hydroponics and Foliar Spray systems. As a source of Calcium, NCA improves the development of plants and prevents the appearance of "blossom end rot" in vegetables and fruits (*).


Potassium Nitrate (NPE)

Jaragua’s NPE is more concentrated and has greater solubility. It is recommended for Foliar Spray Systems with low volume of liquid (where greater solubility of raw materials is desirable) and in Hydroponics and Fertigation systems that require high efficiency in the supply of the potassium nutrient (*).


Potassium Sulphate (SPO)

SPO is a soluble fertilizer that provides Potassium and Sulfur to plants. As it is free of Chlorine and Sodium, it guarantees excellent productivities when used in Fertigation systems (*).


*Available in 1 Kg net weight metallized bags / 25 kg net weight polyethylene bags.

**Available in 1 Kg net weight metallized bags/20 kg net weight polyethylene bags.

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