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“Feeding Lives” Project

The Company believes that being a Preferred Supplier implies more than simply selling products; it means dedicated people using systems and processes to supply our customers with the highest level of safety, quality of products and services, and above all taking care of the environment and social well-being of those who need it the most.

Allied to the success of our project “Green Jaraguá”, the Company implemented the social project "Feeding Lives", which consists of the collection of non-perishable food, donated by all those who receive our seedings from the project “Green Jaraguá”.




The Company returns free of charge all non-perishable food to the institution "MISSÃO MARTA E MARIA", which has been working in the city of Formiga MG since 2011 with social assistance actions for poor and homeless people. The Institution serves about 105 families, who receive donations weekly through voluntary service. Only in the last year, Jaraguá collected more than 5 tons of food, becoming an important partner of the Institution "Missão Marta e Maria".

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