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MAXSOL Line Fertilizers are ready-made formulations specially developed for use in:





Made from the finest raw materials, the MAXSOL line contains MACRO and MICRONUTRIENTS through balanced formulations, ensuring complete nutrition for maximum crop performance. MAXSOL Fertilizers have HIGH SOLUBILITY and are free of chemical elements harmful to the development of plants.

MAXSOL MX-21 - Formulation for Hydroponics:

MAXSOL-MX21 product is a HIGH-QUALITY ready-to-use formulation for use in Hydroponics. Together with the Calcium Nitrate fertilizer, MX-21 provides all the macro and micronutrients that plants need in the proper concentration for their development. MAXSOL-MX21 fertilizer ensures greater tranquility and practicality in the preparation of nutritive solutions.




















Advantages and Benefits of Maxsol Formulations:

- Maximum crop development

-Highly soluble ensuring greater yield

-Different formulations adjusted for each crop

-Better flowering and fruit development

- Firm and compact plant growth

-Best quality final product



*Available in 1 Kg net weight metallized bags / 20 kg net weight PET bags.

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