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The ALGAMAX line is composed of several water-soluble formulations that take in their composition MACRO and MICRONUTRIENTES and seaweed extract.


ALGAMAX formulations are recommended for use in:




ALGAMAX formulas act as stimulants of the cell division, promoting the lateral budding of the plants and increasing the amount of absorbent roots.


With the use of ALGAMAX, the plants become more vigorous, reducing the effect of pest and disease attack and the stress caused by the climate.

ALGAMAX promotes increased leaf size and vigor.

With ALGAMAX, the fruits present better size and quality, ensuring a longer shelf life.

The end result of the use of ALGAMAX is an INCREASE IN PRODUCTIVITY with better QUALITY of the final product.




*Available in 1 Kg net weight metallized bags / 5 kg net weight plastics buckets/20 Kg net weight plastics buckets.

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